Smelly Feet Problem
The One Place Where Smelly Feet is Not a Laughing Matter


The Smelly Feet Problem

Foul Smelling Feet aren't a laughing matter. In our society where cleanliness is indeed next to godliness we can't afford to smell anything but good, even in out foot region. In fact, we're so obsessed with the idea, constantly purchasing perfumes, colognes, toothpastes, gum, fresh-smelling sprays and deodorants. Smelly feet are the last thing anyone needs.

Some web sites even offer to send gentle annonymous letters to friends with Smelly Feet. An awkward subject at best, foot odor can be embarrassing, depressing and debilitating. But you can fight back ... and win. Let me educate you on how to tackle this problem.

There isn't a hard science to getting your feet smelling good, but some general guidelines have to be adhered to before more pronounced measures are implemented. Most of us have a friend or relative who can kick off their shoes and clear an entire room. And even the sweetest smelling person can do a decent job stinking up a pair of shoes by running a few miles in them. So what's going on here? Why can feet create such bad odor?

Here we give you the easy solution how to make you life and the life for people around you better by giving you pointers how to curb the problem of smelly feet. Smells from your feet is often times caused by unmanaged sweat issues which then cause bacteria to spawn and inevitably create the odor. Here we'll teach you how to manage all the different factors involved in foot smells from sweat to hygience levels and all the way to diets. 

Other Smelly Feet Articles

Bromohydrosis: AKA Smelly Feet Treatment and Prevention

Sweaty feet and smelly feet are two very common, annoying conditions of the feet. Medically they are usually referred to as hyperhydrosis and bromohydrosis. This can be not only embarrassing but uncomfortable as well. They can run people out of the room and even cause you to be chased away. Foul-smelling feet can also create a major crimp in the romance department. While some people can tolerate bad breath, there is something about foot odor that causes most people to run in a different direction.




Putting Feet First: Taking care of them takes you a long way

Foot catches the attention first. Feet are the most active part of our body, even more than our hands. Attention to foot education and care is especially important as people age. The foot is a complex area consisting of twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and several ligaments, muscles, veins, arteries, and nerves.

As a primary weight-bearing structure the foot is subject to more deformi

ng forces than any other part of the body. It is estimated that the average person takes eight thousand to ten thousand steps a day and covers about 115,000 miles in an average lifetime.


Foot Care: A look at The Use of Silver in Footwear

While foot odor is rarely discussed around the water cooler, it is an embarrassing problem that affects millions of people. Your feet harbor millions of organisms and bacteria. Our feet can produce over a cup of moisture per day, and the heat and moisture build up in our shoes to create an active source for these organisms to develop and grow.

Foot odor occurs when various bacteria, primarily corynebacteria and micrococci, break down denatured proteins found on the skin and footwear, resulting in undesired smells from the feet. The feet are the places where odors most commonly occur because they provide a warm, moist breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Fortunately, eliminating the bacteria usually eliminates the odor.


Smelly Feet - Blame the Bacteria

There are two simple and straight forward reasons for having smelly feet one is the kind of shoe you wear and the other is the sweating of your feet. Sweating is an important process which helps to maintain our body temperature. It helps to remove waste products from our body, but sometime these smells become unbearable. Some individuals perspire more than the required amount to cool the body. This is known as Hyperhidrosis. Every foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands, so you can imagine why your foot smells so bad. The main reason for this kind of smell is because of the bacteria. As the bacteria feeds on the sweat it excretes waste in the form of malodorous odor. You can come across different feet smell due to the presence of various bacterial species. Some of the common smells are cheesy and trainer smell.


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